Pailón del Diablo – the Devil’s dale

Do you like waterfalls? Love the sound of tons of water falling from above? Love that refreshing delicate water mist laying on your face? Everybody loves waterfalls. That’s why everybody should go to Baños de Santa Agua (or simply: Baños) in the Tungurahua province. Once you get there you will happy to notice there’s more than waterfalls there.

Baños is located near the geographical center of Ecuador, 3 hours to the south from Quito. The city lays in the slopes of an active volcano – Tungurahua at the altitude of 1800 meters (5900 feet above the sea level). The weather is really nice throughout the whole year although the humidity is rather high.

The town itself is really known for thermal baths (hence the name: Baños). It’s well organized and touristic-friendly. There are lots of hotels, hostels and restaurants. It shows everything is prepared for tourists. It feels clean and safe.

The main reason why the Ecuadorians visit Baños is the reputation of the thermal baths. In theory, the water cures many illnesses. It is unclear, however, whether it’s to its chemical composition or temperature or both… It doesn’t stop people from invading very small baths. If you go there by night you can expect crowds. The ticket costs $5 and you can spend there as much as you want. If you want…

A better reason to visit Baños is all those waterfalls! There are supposedly 30 different waterfalls around the city, but we visited reportedly the most interesting one – Pailón del Diablo – the Devil’s Dale (that’s my unofficial translation).

The waterfall is located in a valley, it’s 80 meters (262 feet) high and it’s absolutely amazing! Look at these photos:

There are to ways to enjoy the waterfall. There is more official main entrance that you can reach from below. That means around 40-60 minutes of walking and typically – crowd. The other way is to attack the waterfall from the up – so you can enjoy those suspension bridges – it’s worth it!

I personally think visiting Baños is a must while you’re in Ecaudor. The city is located in a very interesting zone at the slopes of an active volcano and offers nice laid back atmosphere. The food is delicious the service is good and there are lots of attractions there. I recommend!